Q: How many times can I charge my phone?

A: The amount of times your phone can charge varies upon the size of the battery of your phone. Typically, it can charge your phone two to three times on average. For example, if your phone battery has a capacity of 3000mAh it will recharge your phone battery about twice.

Q: How many times can I jump start my car?

A: That also varies, it depends on the size of your car battery. Once the PWRIIGO Jumper starts your car there will be no need to jump start your car again.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the PWRIIGO Jumper?

A: If your PWRIIGO Jumper is completely drained, it typically takes 2 to 3 hours to fully recharge.

Q: How many Cranking Amps does the PWRIIGO Jumper have?

A: Up to 300 MAX Cranking Amps.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the PWRIIGO Jumper?

A: The PWRIIGO Jumper's battery capacity is 6600mAh.

Q: How fast can the PWRIIGO Jumper charge my phone?

A: The PWRIIGO Jumper can charge your phone at a rate of 2.1 amps per hour.

Q: What kind of battery technology does PWRIIGO Jumper use?

A: PWRIIGO Jumper uses Lithium-ion Battery.

Q: How many devices can I charge at the same time?

A:  The PWRIIGO Jumper can charge up to two devices at the same time with the proper connector.

Q: Will the PWRIIGO Jumper recharge my phone at the same time while it is being recharged?

A: No. Other devices that allow this greatly effect the devices dependability. PWRIIGO Jumper does not allow this in order to preserve the longevity of our products.

Q: How long can I leave the PWRIIGO Jumper without using it?

A: The PWRIIGO Jumper has an ultra low dissipation rate. You can go without using the PWRIIGO Jumper for up to a year and still have a full charge.

Q: Does the PWRIIGO Jumper come with any warranty?

A: Yes, the PWRIIGO Jumper includes a 90-Day Limited Warranty.

Q: What is covered under the warranty?

A: The PWRIIGO Jumper will be covered due to any malfunction or damage prior to any use of the product. Accessories that are included with the PWRIIGO Jumper are not covered by the 90-Day Limited Warranty however, may be purchased through our website.

Q: How much does the PWRIIGO Jumper weigh?

A: The PWRIIGO Jumper is the most compact and lightest car battery jumper in the world and weighs in at an outstanding 7 ounces. (approximately).

Q: What are the dimensions of the PWRIIGO Jumper?

A: The dimensions of the PWRIIGO Jumper are approximately 5.25 inches length by 3 inches width by 0.5 inches height.

Q: What colors are available for the PWRIIGO Jumper?

A: The available colors for the PWRIIGO Jumper are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, *Blue Teal (Limited Edition), *Purple (Limited Edition), *Black (Limited Edition), and *Pink (Limited Edition). *While supplies last.

Q: How do I recharge my PWRIIGO Jumper?

A: The PWRIIGO Jumper can be recharged three different ways through a Micro USB, AC/DC Wall Adapter, or 12V DC Car Adapter.

Q: How can I activate the Ultra-bright LED Flashlight?

A: Hold down the ON/OFF Button, located on the side of the PWRIIGO Jumper, for 5 seconds. You can cycle through the three different modes (Flashlight, Strobe Light, and SOS) by pressing the ON/OFF Button once the LED Flashlight has been turned on. To TURN OFF the Ultra-bright LED Flashlight press the ON/OFF Button a third time.

Q: How do I turn on the PWRIIGO Jumper?

A: Press the ON/OFF Button located on the side of the PWRIIGO Jumper one time.

Q: Does the PWRIIGO Jumper turn off by itself once my phone is fully charged?

A: Yes.